Kaludis Consulting

Our Philosophy

Our active firm philosophy is to approach each engagement as a partnership, where the complementary skills of institutional personnel and consultants create important synergy — combining external experience and objectivity with internal knowledge and understanding.

We know client involvement in identifying problems, defining options, and arriving at creative solutions is fundamental to not only a successful engagement, but also to a healthy institution — without effective involvement, there can be no meaningful ownership; without ownership, there can be no successful change.

We promote data-driven, resource-conscious, multi-year thinking because many of the decisions made today will have generational consequences and they must be made using the best intelligence available. Working together, we focus on sustainable solutions, not short-term responses to immediate challenges.

We fundamentally comprehend the complex dynamics in institutions of higher education. At the same time, we believe every organization is unique and therefore approach each client's situation with a special appreciation and respect for institutional culture, circumstance, constituencies and capacities.

Above all, we believe that collaborative relationships and open dialogue are the basis for the greatest value.